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At Harbor Front Family Chiropractors, we strive for an excellent customer experience. We work hard every day to earn our client's trust. Our biggest reward is to have satisfied clients share their experience with us. Below and to the left are a few notable testimonials that we would like to share with you.

If you would like to submit a testimonial and have it posted on our website, let us know by emailing us at [email protected]

Mary, 83

I had bad pain in the left knee- the inside of the knee. I feared something related to misalignment in foot and leg. I was initially disappointed that the doctor would not do some manipulations on the foot and leg, but decided at our meeting to sign up. I have not been sorry! No more back aches, less pain from arthritis in knees, hands, ankles and feet. Less anxiety and stress. Give it a try- with an open mind.

Brett, 24

If I could rate them 6 stars I would. I have never felt more healthy and pain free than I have the past few years that I have been a patient of Dr. Toellner and Dr. Stokley-Toellner. They are wonderful to work with, and really care about their patients. From scheduling to your actual visit, their amazing staff provides the best service I've ever recieved from a medical office. The providers are always welcoming of questions, and provide easy to understand explanations of complicated musculoskeletal conditions. I would highly recommend to anyone who suffers from pain and is looking for a healthy alternative.

Daniel, 49

I have been going to this chiropractor for my back and I have great results. I have been to other chiropractors in Ludington Michigan and none of them gave me as much results as these chiropractors. I would highly recommend them.

Spencer, 21

I have had back pain for years and at 21 years young I was getting a little frustrated! I spend a lot of time on my feet at work, sitting in chairs in my lectures, or driving from school back home. My drive is only an hour and fifteen minutes, but near the end I was having trouble sitting still because I was so uncomfortable. I'm now two appointments in and today I drove the entire way back to school with no discomfort! My pain isn't 100% gone, but I am so impressed that I can see a difference after only two appointments!

Liz, 68

I feel more alert now whereas before chiropractic I used to be sluggish. I used to take medicines and don't need to take any now. My digestion is more regular. My lower back spasms are not constant like they used to be. I am having the best sleep that I have had in 10 years!

Phyllis, 76

I am able to get down on the floor and play with my great granddaughter with out pain.

Justin, 27

I started chiropractic care because during the process of getting my body back into shape, I started to develop back and hip pain. I had constant stabbing pain in my hips. I was unable to sit or stand for long periods of time and had limited flexaibility. This affected my ability to perform my routine workouts at the gym. I just felt like my body hated me. I had been to a chiropractor before and they would get me back to feeling better, but I always felt and have ended up back at square one with all my pain. I never felt I could fix the problem for good. Since I have switched to the activator method at this office and maintained a constant adjustment schedule, I feel 100%. I am not limited at the gym and my pain, all of my pain, is gone. I am no longer afraid to perform workouts that have led to my back and hip pains in the past. My experience with chiropractic care has improved mood. With the constant pain, I was always crabby and short-tempered. Now that I don't have that nagging on me all day, my overall mood is much better! The staff and doctors here at Harbor Front Family Chiropractors have delivered on my request and my expectations. Thank you for getting my body healthy and back to the gym!

Pamela, 58

Before chiropractic care, I was experiencing stress-induced neck stiffness. At my worse, I could not lift my head up of my pillow. My husband literally had to raise my head up by grabbing both ends of my pillow to a sitting up position. After coming to this office, I have noticed way less neck stiffness. I also experienced hip pain from sitting on very poor, broken down seats at work. That pain has improved immensely ever since my care at Harbor Front Family Chiropractors. The doctors and staff here are great. They will always work you in for an appointment when needed!

Cynthia, 65

Ever since coming to this office, I haven't had the back or hip pain that I used to have. The Charley horse I occasionally had in my right leg is gone. I've had no headaches and I'm sleeping better. Most importantly, I am off my anti-depressants! When I tell people I go to the chiropractor, they are concerned about neck adjustments. I too have experienced distress when manually manipulated. The activator, for me, is safe, direct, efficient, and effective. I've had chiropractic care for over 35 years; Harbor Front Family Chiropractors is absolutely 1000% better than any care/office I've ever visited.

James, 38

There were days that I could not get up off the floor of my living room. While lying there, I had horrific thoughts going through my mind, wondering if I might need back surgery, or if I might never be able to walk again. I also wondered and worried about how this injury would affect our boys. Different chiropractic clinics practice different techniques. I've been to those who use only the table, those who are more hands on, those who do both... all seem to work differently, but none are as effective as the activator that is used by Dr. Chris. At this particular clinic, I have never been sore in the morning from any treatment given. I am simply amazed at how I feel after ever visit. When I walk out of that building, I feel more energetic, and even though I have a long road to recovery, I feel I am on the right path with this place. I am getting the best of both worlds because not only do I feel better and the staff is amazing, but I don't hurt anymore. I was very restless and in pain 99% of my life before treatment, and now can I not only sleep well, but when I get out of bed in the morning, I don't need help from a wall to stand up. My overall experience with the help from this amazing place is placed at the top of my list of life changing moments. I am beyond satisfied with the progress thus far and that in itself, gives me more confidence with everything I do.

Rand, 66

I wasn't feeling great and I wasn't feeling bad when I went for my first consultation. I had an occasional sore back and my right knee was bothering me. I was surprised when Doctor Chris told me all but 2 of my vertebrae were out of alignment. Jokingly I said, "So what would you tell your chiropractor friends about this?" He said,seriously, "you have all kinds of opportunity for improvement and feeling better!" I thought to myself, yeah, right. To my surprise, I didn't know how poorly I was feeling until I started feeling so much better in just 3 weeks of treatment. WOW- what a difference in feeling like I was alive again and was regaining my flexibility. Now, after 6 weeks of treatment, I continue to feel better, and I am starting to think that I just might have a really good retirement! I'd recommend that you go in for your initial consultation to see what opportunities you have for improvement in your life!

Kim, 50

I first came to Harbor Front Family Chiropractors because I had pain from many injuries in my neck, back, right hip, and my right leg. I had been experiencing many of these issues for about 3 years. The pain was debilitating and I could not function and perform essential daily tasks nor could I sleep well. Prior to coming to Harbor Front Family Chiropractors, I had gone to an orthopaedic specialist and the results were minimal. I also had physical and water therapy, and medications to try to relieve the pain, and still had minimal results. Since I have been getting adjusted, I have had no pain in my hip and leg, and have had very little pain in other areas of my body. There are many benefits that have come along with my chiropractic care. I am able to function better, do daily tasks again, and have regained my muscle strenght back that I had lost. I am virtually pain free. I absolutely love the entire experience of being at this office. The whole staff is wonderful, considerate, and accommodating. I would highly recommend Harbor Front Family Chiropractors, and personal would not want to live without chiropractic care!

Jane, 42

I began seeing Dr. Toellner at Harbor Front Family Chiropractors because I was experiencing ongoing back problems since I had had back surgery in 2003. I have been getting adjusted for about a year and now am staying on a maintenance schedule. Overall, I feel better and I don't seem to get sick when I am on a wellness schedule.

Gloria, 52

My reason for beginning chiropractic care at Harbor Front Family Chiropractors was because I was having lots of lower back pain for about 20 years. The pain in my lower back was terrible and affected almost everything that I liked to do. When I first began chiropractic prior to Harbor Front Family Chiropractors I tried to stay very positive that adjustments would relieve my pain. I kept going and going, sometimes 2 times a week and had more pain imminently with no relief or results. Since I have been coming to Harbor Front Family Chiropractors I can do anything I please with virtually no restrictions. I absolutely love the office, and the people. I tell anyone I know that is in pain to try them out. Harbor Front Family Chiropractors is the answer to wellness 100%.

Linda, 53
My reason for beginning chiropractic care with Harbor Front Family Chiropractors was because I was experiencing numbness in my right index finger and had a low range of motion in my neck. I had been experiencing these issues for a few weeks due to an injury from a trip and fall. These issues were affecting my life because any loss of ability in my hands is frightening. Especially since I work as an artist, it is very important to have full use of my hands. Prior to Harbor Front Family Chiropractors I had a bad experience at another chiropractor, and I left his office with a backache that lasted many months which I had never experienced before. Other past treatments that I had tried were massage therapy, which had good results but just didn't last long. Since I have been getting adjusted at Harbor Front Family Chiropractors I have had wonderful progress! The numbness in my right index finger is almost gone and the range of motion in my neck is amazing! I never realized how bad my range of motion ever was until now. I have noticed that my posture is better since receiving care and my neck and shoulders are more relaxed. I now stand with both feet planted on the ground with much improved balance. I seem to also have more energy too! The whole entire office gives wonderful care and is always super clean. The staff is caring, efficient, and professional.

Mike, 56

I began seeing Dr. Merisa Stokely-Toellner at Harbor Front Family Chiropractors to improve my current level of wellness care. I also started to get some relief in my lower back, shoulders, neck , knee pain, and to just learn better ways to care for myself. I have been experiencing tightness in all of these areas for several years. Prior to Harbor Front Family Chiropractors, my pain at it's worse made me feel like I was dying rapidly and I decided wellness care would improve my quality of life and extend my overall health further. Previously, I was getting adjusted manually for about 2 years and was seeing a massage therapist. Results with deep tissue massage and physical manipulations helped but I seemed to stop progressing. Since I have been getting adjusted with Dr. Stokely I have been stronger, more relaxed and I sleep more soundly. I also have noticed that I have more stamina, physical strength, alertness, and creativity. The chiropractic care that I am receiving at Harbor Front Family Chiropractors gave me much relief in my neck, shoulders, and my lower back. My overall quality of life is better because I'm able to participate more in activities, rest better, and I no longer an affected by my allergies. This office is highly professional and very accommodating. The Doctor's and staff has explained chiropractic very well and my regular visits are well measured for the exact care my body requires!

Fran, 45

Since I started frequent and then regular maintenance care at Harbor Front Family Chiropractors, I can now play a full sized guitar. I had to play a smaller guitar before for about 9 years due to pain I was experiencing in my arms and upper back. A full size guitar has a much better sound. Thanks!

Kasi, 30

When I began to seek treatment at Harbor Front Family Chiropractors, I was unaware of the extent of my injuries and how I was compensating for them. Chiropractic care has made me feel more stable, have more mobility in certain parts of my body, and I have much less pain.

Teresa, 57

I began chiropractic care after experiencing impaired mobility and severe pain for about a week to 10 days. I was having a hard time performing my job and my activities of daily life. Since beginning chiropractic care, my range of motion has increased, I'm walking freer, and moving with less pain. I'm now experiencing less stress, less fatigue, and it feels easier to live normally. The staff here at Harbor Front Family Chiropractors has been very kind, professional and accommodating.

Nichole, 29

In 2008, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. I was suffering from daily pain, frequent colds, and I was always tired. I became overwhelmed with taking medications, numbness in my limbs, and I would see stars when I turned my head left and right. At my worst I didn't have any hopes of ever feeling better. I tried to make the best of it but was frequently depressed and frustrated with myself. Nothing seemed to give me much relief. I was on medication for pain and depression. I hated taking all those pills. I also tried changing my diet and exercise. I remember when I was a small child my mother took me to a chiropractor, I remember that it hurt and the popping sounds scared me. Since beginning chiropractic care at Harbor Front Family Chiropractors, I have stopped taking prescription medicine, and only take tylenol and motrin. My pain is manageable, my limbs are numb less often, and I can sleep at night. I feel safer driving without seeing stars. I am a happier person. I have three children and I am able to do things with them again. I can go hiking and bike riding. I'm tired from normal things now instead of from pain and lack of sleep. I have hope for a healthy future now. The office has a great family environment and is so comfortable. It's clear that you guys are really trying to help people feel better. I bring my husband and kids to appointments now. The activators are gentle enough for my body and I'm comfortable with them being used for my children as well. I drive forty minutes to come to our appointments because I trust the care that we receive. I never thought I would trust a chiropractor with my three month old, but you guys have changed my entire outlook on chiropractic care. I wish I would've known about your office sooner, my oldest daughter (age 7) has had colds and headaches frequently for over a year. Since starting chiropractic care she hardly complains of headaches and has had only three colds this year, compared to the usual six. My youngest is six months now, and has been seeing the chiropractor for 3 months now, and her reflux has dramatically improved. My son (age 8) was frequently sick and would complain about backaches and headaches, he doesn't have them anymore, and has probably had four colds. My husband was a little skeptical to begin with but he also looks forward to our appointments now.

Samantha, 30

I have twisted hips. After suffering a miscarriage I started coming to Harbor Front Family Chiropractors to prevent another. I have been experiencing problems with my twisted hips my whole life. I have a terrible limp and was worried that as I got older effect my back and give me back pain. I am treated here every other week and have had great results! I feel ease in my movements and walk. I no longer have a limp, no back or hip pain, and I have two beautiful beautiful children! Since begining care, I have also had improvement with my migraines. Adjusting my neck and shoulders has kept my migraines in check. The staff in the office has great customer service, they are always happy to see me and my kids!

Judy, 79

My back pain got so much better and Dr. Chris has been working with my fingers going numb and that has helped me so much!