The chiropractic care that I am receiving at Harbor Front Family Chiropractors helps me in sports because it makes me feel better. So when I'm running or dribbling, my back feels good and I can do better!

Mikayla, 12

The chiropractic care that I have received from Harbor Front Family Chiropractors has helped me by promoting a pro-active and preventative strategy. Chiropractic enabled my body to improve precision, increased my stability, and I have obtained maximum benefits. Overall, making me a better athlete.

Nick, 19

When I first arrived at Harbor Front Family Chiropractors, I had a debilitating back injury which prohibited me from continuing to dance professionally. After several months of chiropractic care I was able to perform professionally again, feeling stronger than I had pre-injury.

Jenna, 27

Getting regular chiropractic adjustments has helped relieve pains that I would experience while I played many sports. I don't feel any more pain while I compete and now I can perform at my best.

Zac, 16

Chiropractic care from Drs. Toellner and Stokely have made my body feel so much better as I have competed throughout my high school career. Even when I got the bumps that made my back ache, I just came in and got adjusted and it fixed it! They work around your schedule very well so you can always find time to get in.

Jacob, 18

Getting an adjustment after a workout helps re-align my body so I can be at my peak performance and play to my best ability.

Makenzie, 15

I started chiropractic care recently because of a sports injury. It is a great way to keep your body healthy and helps me perform to my full potential.

Lauren, 14

I have received chiropractic care all through Jr. High and High School. I try to go every week during my sports which are cross country, wrestling, and track. My performance when I don't have weekly adjustments is below average. I always do a lot better when I get adjusted regularly. My wrestling takes a lot out of my body physically and is stressful. Chiropractic care released that stress, enabling me to perform at the top of my level.

Sean, 17

Ever since I've started coming here I would be able to come back from dance class not as sore as I was before Chiropractic care. Also, I have been sleeping better and my posture has improved.

Kami, 10