I began seeing Harbor Front Family Chiropractors because I was having constant headaches everyday for about a year. It got to the point where I would just come home from school, do my homework, and go to bed. When I awoke the next morning, I would have a headache and the day would start over again. I would take at least three advil a day. I thought of chiropractors as people "cracking" your bones and using their weight to adjust problems. It wasn't a pleasant picture to me. I went to the medical doctor, had blood drawn and tests done, and I also had a CAT scan done with no success or results. My constant headaches have ceased with chiropractic care. When I do get the occasional headache, now it goes away quickly and is overall less intense in comparison. I now can live my life instead of just going to school and going straight to bed. I now participate in after school activities and I go out with friends more often. Chiropractic care gave me back my life and I an enjoying it now instead of just surviving it.

Michelle ,18