I became a patient of Harbor Front Family Chiropractors and Dr. Toellner in July of 2008, 4 months after the birth of my first daughter. My first pregnancy was plagued with constant backaches and hip pain that made physical activity and sleeping almost unbearable. During the early stages of my treatments, Dr. Toellner was able to alleviate many of my ailments that have accumulated over time, which allowed me to live a pain-free life. I then continued to seek treatment to maintain the wonderful progress we had made in my physical well-being. When I became pregnant for a second time in February 2010, I informed Dr. Toellner of the situation, and continued treatments. Due to the fact that Harbor Front Family Chiropractors do not physically manipulate the body, I was very comfortable during treatment, even as my belly expanded. During the course of my second pregnancy, my body forced me to be adjusted more frequently than before the pregnancy, but it was well worth it! There is no comparison between the two pregnancies! The pain in my back and hips that I experienced the first time around were not issued during the second pregnancy. I was able to maintain an active lifestyle and even get good sleep! I would highly recommend Harbor Front Family Chiropractors to any pregnant woman. Pregnancy is hard enough on a woman; there is not need to spend 9 months in pain!

Erica, 27

I first came to Harbor Front Family Chiropractors because I was experiencing back pain and discomfort. It all began when I was about six months pregnant. I had to always be changing the way I was sitting or lying down because I was so uncomfortable. After I would receive my chiropractic care, I no longer feel pain in my lower back, only mild discomfort. I was told that having my back in correct alignment that my labor is supposed to be quicker and less painful. The staff members are very kind and the doctors do a wonderful job explaining what they are doing to help.

Caroline, 20

I began coming to Harbor Front Family Chiropractors due to back problems and because I was having discomfort with my pregnancy. I always have had back problems on and off for about 10 years. When I was pregnant, my whole body hurt and I was extremely nauseous. I have always had good experiences with chiropractic care and read that it could help with nausea during pregnancy. Past treatment before going to Harbor Front Family Chiropractors was very harsh and I could only go when pain was excruciating instead for maintenance and wellness. I have had great progress and my adjustments have helped me tremendously with morning sickness and body pains with pregnancy. I have only had positive side effects with my chiropractic care and was able to continue exercising, had better sleep and less pain overall. Harbor Front Family Chiropractors ROCKS!

Heidi, 33

My husband visited Harbor Front Family Chiropractors in Jun of 2006. We often spoke of the huge relief he felt after being adjusted. At that time I was months pregnant with my first child. My body was just starting to get sore, so I began visiting the office and got adjusted by Dr. Toellner. Instantly, any back pain was gone. I then began visiting the office once a week until the birth. Through chiropractic care, I believe that the actual birthing was affected. My body seemed to be ready and I am sure the constant alignment and adjustments of my neck, low back and hips played a major role in helping my body move. After the birth I followed up with months of adjustments which assisted in having my body go back to normal. I chose to have chiropractic care throughout my second and third pregnancies and would recommend both Dr. Toellner and Dr. Stokely pre and post pregnancy care.

Jo, 39